As an agriculture-based manufacturing company, SPMI is committed to working with the Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources in maintaining a delicate balance in our fragile ecosystem.   Not only do we adhere to government preservation standards, but we also have a preference for technologies that will allow future generations to enjoy nature's bounty.  SPMI currently uses biomass fuel to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels and the resultant carbon emissions.  We are determined to continue making significant investments in eco-friendly production processes and technologies such as our state-of-the-art water treatment facility that produces a disposable effluent that is safe for the environment.


Because we believe that business goals must be in step with community interests, we contribute to the welfare and development of our people by providing opportunities for professional growth.  SPMI makes significant investments in employee training and development, and in making sure that strict occupational health and safety mechanisms are in place at all times.  We are also proud of our significant contribution to stimulating growth and providing livelihood to the people of Baybay, Leyte in Central Philippines where our manufacturing facilities are located.


Because of our dedication to efficiency and fiscal soundness, we constantly look for innovative solutions that maximize SPMI's manufacturing facilities and processes.  We are driven by a corporate culture of honoring our commitments to customers, investors, and other stakeholders by adhering to-if not, surpassing-industry standards to consistently produce high-quality specialty pulp that adds immense value to our customer's wide range of products all over the world.